Fundraising campaign

Making it special for non-french speaking audiences


What is this campaign about?

Well, as a powerful antidote to the Brexit Blues, and with deliciously ironic timing, L’été de Vaour wants to send a powerful message that the British are always very welcome in our beautiful region. Not only the British, but also the many English speaking inhabitants and summer visitors from all over the world, some of whom may not speak French but who still love the Festival and who visit year after year.
And so this year we want to make it special for them and this involves several new initiatives :
• The main info page on our website will be translated into English
• A new pictogram on our paper program will indicate the shows suitability for non French-speaking audiences (little or no dialogue)
• A text presentation of these show translated into English will be on our website
• And last but not least: a show performed in English (with French subtitles!) during the festival


More details about the show?

Meet Fred ∙ a theatre show performed in English ∙ age +14 ∙ 80 minutes
By Hijinx (Cardiff) in association with Blind Summit (London)
3 performances at the « Théâtre de la Commanderie »

Meet Fred, the two foot tall cloth puppet who fights prejudice every day. He just wants to be a regular guy, part of the real world, to get a job and meet a girl, but when threatened with losing his PLA (Puppetry Living Allowance), Fred’s life begins to spiral out of his control.
This Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 sell-out hit contains strong language and puppet nudity.


‘‘An ingeniously conceived, hilarious and truly unmissable piece of theatre.’’ Broadway Baby
‘‘Sharp, funny and vastly entertaining.’’ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Hijinx is an inclusive theatre company, all their productions include learning disabled performers alongside performers without learning disabilities.
Blind Summit is recognised as one of the UK’s most exciting companies working with puppetry.


What do we need?

The total cost of this production to L’été de Vaour is circa € 10 500 (artistic fees, transports, technical staff & accommodation) which can only be found bringing together the festival’s own financial ressources with both business & individual donations.

The campaign collection target is € 7000.

We are inviting you to be part of this campaign, thus helping us make « L’été de Vaour Festival » truly special for non French-speaking audiences in 2019 & perhaps for years to come !


And in return?

In all cases we want to say thank you and display your name at the front of the venue (if you agree).
Plus, if you pay your taxes in France, your donation is 66% tax-deductible (for individuals) or 60% tax-deductible for enterprises.
And in return for your donation we offer :
  • « Un peu » € 50 donation: 1 ticket « tarif réduit » (12€ ) for Meet Fred
  • « Beaucoup » € 100 donation: 1 free ticket for Meet Fred
  • « A la folie » € 200 donation: 2 free tickets for Meet Fred
  • « Major Donor » € 500 donation and more: 2 free tickets for Meet Fred + Dinner for two with the company at the festival catering
  • Businesses € 1000 and more: 4 free tickets for Meet Fred + Dinner for two with the company at the festival catering + Logotype on the 25 000 paper programme, 6 display panels and website

Thank you!



Read the festival presentation and all practical informations in english